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Photo of Rinderer Artwork at Greensfelder Law Firm in Chicago.
Rinderer pieces add to a welcoming environment for customers, clients and the staff.

I enjoy the challenge of selecting or creating the perfect pieces to integrate, compliment and enhance commercial and institutional spaces.
— Sherry Rinderer

Considering a purchase of or interested in commissioning new artwork for your office space(s)? Artwork can enhance and help to communicate values, bring life to less vibrant space, invigorate colleagues as well as define specific areas. Rinderer Abstract specializes in a variety of large scale, expressive acrylic abstract paintings.

Each bright and vibrant colors grace every canvas.  Each piece is composed with the intention that Interpretations and underlying meanings while inspirational and memorable left wide open to the viewer.

They are appropriate for many styles of interior decor whether they are in a corporate setting or a home alcove; a definite conversation piece.

Contact Rinderer Abstract to discuss bringing Sherry Rinderer into your renovation plans. Contact Sherry directly at 314-452-8392 or by email to set up an appointment to discuss colors, sizing and/or any immediate needs.