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Fine artist Sherry Rinderer works from her studio located in the Greater St. Louis Missouri area. She specializes in a variety of large scale, expressive abstract paintings. Her canvas’ feature bright and vibrant colors juxtaposed with muted earthy tones. The paintings she creates are composed to be inspirational and memorable with the interpretations and meanings intentionally left wide open to the viewers. Her paintings are appropriate for many styles of interior decor whether they are in a corporate setting or a home alcove.

For as long as Sherry can remember she was interested in art. Born in Los Angeles, California, as a child she would color on anything within reach, melt crayons in the sun, and paint with mud incorporating different textures of nature. She would even paint with flowers and berries handpicked from her neighbor’s gardens. “Yes, my creative side used to get me into a lot of trouble!” Sherry says.

As a young teen she was introduced to other art forms such as screen printing, colored pencil, collage and airbrushing. After many years of dabbling, she found herself drawn to abstract expression using acrylic paints and a variety of mediums. Like most things in life, there are contrasting elements in abstract paintings: freedom versus composition rules, and color combinations that are jarring as opposed to complementing each other. Sherry says she finds endless possibilities in this genre of art. Once the representational components are removed, there is no limit to what she can create.

Today, her inspiration comes from many sources. Traveling and interacting with people from completely different cultures and viewing art in many different aspects with an open mind, instantly welcomes creative thoughts for future pieces.

Sherry has a very supportive spouse. The look of pride on his face as he tells people about her new creations is priceless. They are blessed by an ever growing family with their children and grandchildren living close-by. Frequent open house gatherings are common with family, friends, and acquaintances to see what’s new with Rinderer Abstract.

Keep your eyes peeled. Sherry is extremely passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated about sharing her works of art with the world and has big plans for the future of Rinderer Abstract that she thinks you are going to love.